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Bhadwa Mata Temple | Bhadwa Mata Temple Neemuch | Bhadwa Mata Temple Importance
Bhadwa Mata Temple | Bhadwa Mata Temple Neemuch | Bhadwa Mata Temple Importance

Bhadwa mata Temple is situated in Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is amongst the most important Goddess Shakti templein India. It is considered a miraculous holy place by the devotees. People visiting this place remain free from any diseases due to Mata’s blessings. 

Mahamaya Bhadwa’s temple is full of miracles. People suffering from diseases are cured when they visit this temple. Devotees visiting this temple attain peace of mind and are turned spiritual on their visits. The place has a spiritual and peaceful environment that astonishes every person visiting this temple. 

Bhadwa Mata Temple Miracle

The temple includes Mata Bhadwa’s miraculous and attractive idol that is established on a silver throne. Adjacent to the throne are idols of Goddess Shakti’s Navadurga incarnations. A seamless flame devoted to Mata Bhadwa also present in the temple. This is a miraculous flame that has been present for several years without any hindrance.

It is believed that Mata Bhadwa is present in this temple and visits the place every night to bless the devotees who are thus cured of any diseases they have. There is a Jal Kunda near the temple. 

It is believed that people are cured of any diseases by taking baths in this Jal kunda. It is said that this Kunda was built by Mata Bhadwa herself and she cures anyone taking a bath in it. The water in this Kunda is considered as pure as the waters of river Ganga. This place is full of such miracles. 

Bhadwa Mata Temple Festival

A huge number of devotees keep visiting this place all around the year. It is believed that Mata Bhadwa blesses the devotees visiting this place and cures them of any diseases. The beauty of this place is unusual during Navaratri, Chaitra and Kartik months.

People from all around the world visit this place during these periods. Fairs are organised. Various food and resting arrangements are made for the people visiting this place. Accommodation and Transportation facilities are also available during these periods. The whole place is lit up and prayers are offered to Mata Bhadwa in various different ways.

Bhadwa Mata Temple Importance

Devotees of Mata Bhadwa consider this temple an important part of our mythology. People visit this place all around the year wishing for Mata Bhadwa’s blessings. People believe that only a glimpse of this temple can cure them of all diseases and sins. Not only devotees but also animals can be seen visiting this temple during the daily Aarti in the evening. Various sheep and hen wander in this place among the devotees at that time.

It is believed that when wishes of some devotees come true, they leave their hen, goats and sheep in this place. Various gold and silver ornaments are also dedicated to Mata Bhadwa.

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